Love Your Skin

Débora. – Dec’12

I just have to tell everyone about Beauty By Bek…
I NEVER had a beautician like Bek.
The facial is heavenly relaxing, the products are amazing (can’t wait to get them all) and she seems to have all the time in the world (ps. she has a toddler, and a business to run,lol) she asks personal questions, designs a skin care program…OMG
Where have you been all my life Bek?

Demetra – Jan’13

Thanks Bek!! Definitely the best products I’ve used in my adult life! xx

Tiphanie – Apr’13

one day of the Artistry toner and moisturizer. my face is not dry anymore!!!! YAY!

Injilay – May’13

Feeling love refreshed and relaxed after my follow up facial from Bek, thank you my dear xxx

Tiphanie – May’13

hey Bek, i used the pore sticky thing to remove all the yucky stuff and used the toner and moisturiser my skin is now awesome this week! 🙂

Débora – June’13

Once again Bek has worked her magic on my winter damaged face 😀
I can’t thank you enough! I love how you educate me on products and skin care every time!
I love how my skin feels, how it looks, the smell, and the products are amazing!!!
I’ve been using my toner everyday, even when it’s really cold 🙂
Thank you Bek!!!
You are amazing!

Abby – Jul’13

I enjoyed the facial very much. The products are really nice and not too heavy

Melanie – Aug’13

Day 2 of new regime completed yesterday, make up looking a lot smoother and gliding on !! Lovely !

Amanda – Aug’13

I love my facial! My skin feels so fresh and feels fantastic. Bek is an amazing person and made me feel very comfortable.